A new way to collect and analyze UFO videos

We can have a much more great footage if we change the way we look for UFO's. The UFO Detector program allows anyone to monitor the skies day and night for unidentifiable objects. All you need is a computer with a USB camera.

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Introducing the UFO Detector

Changing the way we collect UFO footage

The UFO Detector is a free software that allows anyone to monitor the sky for UFOs day and night. If a UFO is detected the software automatically records a video of the event in the best possible quality.

Find out more and download the UFO Detector here

Analyze detected objects

UFOID provides a platform to share the recorded videos and have them analyzed by other people. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic your opinion matters and is used to identify the objects.

Share the recorded video

Captured something interesting with the UFO Detector? Upload it within the software with one click

Leave your opinion on an event

Leave your opinion on other user’s video and help identify the captured objects

Download the original video file

The videos are recorded in high quality. Download the original file to analyze the object more effective

Analyze each event as a community

Share your voice and be a part of a community that aims to analyze sightings professionally

Sign up to share your videos and leave your opinion

Our goals

Detect candidate objects

The UFO Detector uses an algorithm that looks for light emitting objects which cannot be identified as a known object

Record detected objects

All captured videos are recorded using lossless encoding which provides the best possible video quality from your webcam

Analyzing platform

The software is connected to a dedicated platform to share the recorded videos. The community is able to rate, analyse and discuss the videos in a professional way

Open Source

The full source code of the UFO Detector is available online. Be a part of the development and help us improve the software further

Coming: Cross-platform support

We aim to make the software work on any platform whether it is Windows, OSX or Linux. Raspberry Pi is a top priority.

Coming: Prevent manipulation of videos

The goal is to creat a secure file format where we can guarantee that the video is exactly how it was recorded from the webcam and has not been manipulated

We aim to expand this project while keeping all parts of it free of charge. Help us grow the platform and improve the UFO Detector by donating via PayPal or Bitcoin.