Changelog Beta 0.7.7:

  • Stability improvements
  • Improved detection area selection

Download for Windows

The software is currently only available for Windows platforms. A Linux version can be compiled from source. Follow us for updates on the UFO Detector for other platforms such as OSX and Linux.

Please read the readme.txt file before running the UFO Detector for the first time. A step by step instruction on how to set the program up can be found here

Be a part of the development

Are you a software developer?

The source code for the UFO Detector is available at GitHub. Join the project and help us improve the software.

UFO Detector at GitHub

Not a software developer? You can still help!

There can be some birds and planes which will be wrongly picked up as a UFO.

You can help to improve the algorithm by submitting the images that caused a false-positive (incorrectly identified as positive) detection. The submitted images will be used to train the algorithm to ignore the wrongly detected objects.

Please only upload images which can clearly be identified as a known object.

Examples of what to upload:

Examples of what not to upload:

The images can be uploaded from inside the UFO Detector by clicking the button Upload Images

Can you help in any other way?

Get in touch with us at

Looking for web developers

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