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  • voted No for Rustox's video »Meteor Captured in North Hollywood, CA« and wrote
    This is most likely a Meteor that was captured with the UFO Detector
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  • voted No for logmus's video »Two fast objects« and wrote
    Probably two birds. Looking at the source video frame by frame it seems like the objects go from white to black. Having captured many videos with the UFO Detector I know that this is the effect you get from the wings of a seagull
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  • I'm no scientist, nor expert... But wouldn't it be possible, that what we just saw there is a meteor, burning completly while entering?
    That is very likely.
  • To me it kind of looks like a (small) shooting star.
    It definitely could be a shooting star. Especially since it moves in a straight line. However, having seen a few personally I have never seen one with such speed!
  • voted No for NEOMATRIX's video » Unkown object Races across Sky « and wrote
    Looks like a plane

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