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  • Its UFO
    Doesn't look like a bird to therefore I conclude it's unidentified.
  • Nice to see you here from DTV. As I said good capture although we have the same webcam and it seems that it has zoomed in better than mine. I cannot say what it is therefore I marked it as a UFO
    Nice to be here Merlin, I've just changed my resolution in settings to 1280x720 on advice from Mark as this is the best res for the c920. I'm just about to add a night vision cam set up beside the c920 and keep on looking 24/7 .
  • This is probably an object of unknown origin. If it is within or behind the clouds, it seems to be very large, too big for a bird. It might be a plane. It might (slight probability) be a water droplet moving down the window.
    Hi Merlin hope you get them published, I caught another few strange things myself yesterday. as for the night vision cam I'm starting off with one borrowed from a friend so |I'm not sure how good it will be I will keep you posted my friend
  • Hi fr33 unusual captured weird where the shape was at the start of the vid What night vision webcam you getting merlin
    Hi Merlin, I'm not sure what night vision cam it is, a friend is lending me his until I get the funds for my own I'll let you know how it goes bro.
  • This is a spider :-)
    Well if you look close enough you can see it fade behind the lower moving dark clouds. But respectfully you are entitled to your own opinion and this I respect as this is exactly what this site is all about and all input is welcome.......I wish you a happy day.

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