Two fast objects

recorded at: April 14, 2015 logmus Brighton BN1, UK 2652541 4 750

Captured early in the morning. Could be two birds?

Objects are on the left. Watch in full screen or download the orginal video for a better view of the objects

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    hunter6 Apr 18 `16 at 13:04

    To me it seems that this is one object continuously "teleporting" left to right. Definitely something unexplainable

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    Sierra Apr 22 `16 at 09:04

    I downloaded the video to watch it a bit slowed down. On the one hand those two objects look like they are flying parallel to each other, which seems very odd to me. But on the other hand i have to admit that it also could be light, reflecting in the lense of the camera. (I'm no scientist, nor expert)

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    dmallisk May 12 `16 at 21:05

    Although these objects might be birds, I think they are more likely to be objects of an unknown origin.

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    Rustox Apr 18 `16 at 13:04

    Probably two birds. Looking at the source video frame by frame it seems like the objects go from white to black. Having captured many videos with the UFO Detector I know that this is the effect you get from the wings of a seagull